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  • Moisturazing Treatments.
    A moist skin guarantees beauty. To achieve this we incorporate different types of facial hydrators that replace the water that is lost through stress, open pores, low secretions from the sebaceous glands, poor nutrition, etc.

  • Purifying Treatments
    These treatments are effective to regulate the sebaceous secretions, purifying the skin, and preventing the proliferation of bacterias and regulating the coetaneous flora. All of our purifying treatments include the deep cleansing of blackheads and pimples.

  • Clarifiying Treatments.
    Having a clean luminous skin is a privilege. These treatments are designed to attenuate disorders of skin pigmentation (Dark spots caused by pregnancy, aging or sun exposure).

  • Firming Treatments
    Different treatments designed to rich the skin with elastine, to replace the lost elasticity.

  • Luxury Treatments.

  • Caviar Plus Treatment
    This treatment is an innovate experience, a new concept that improves the penetration substances through the skin. This treatment guarantees to be a great help to stop and reduce the skin aging signs.

  • Nacary Treatment with Silk and Pearls.
    An exclusive regenerating treatment spectacularly stops the coetaneous aging.
    Since more than 2000 years, the silk has been used in china for embellishment of the skin. The same with pearl dust was destinated only to emperors and empresses, considered as an elitist beauty product for anti aging

  • Facial Treatment Specially for men.
    Specially designed for men’s´ skin. These treatments moisturize deeply, stimulating skin’s natural functions.

  • Body Molding Tratments.
    These treatments deal with the excess of weight and obesity in a holistic way, they promote the change of damaging habits for healthful ones.

  • Ice-therapy
    This treatment uses the rapid cooling of the body temperature obliging the body to heat itself quickly using body fat reserves.

  • Anti—cellulite treatment:
    This treatment dramatically reduces cellulite in the skin. These treatments include exfoliations with salts, algae plasters and massage that stimulates circulation.

  • Reafirming Treatments.
    The loss of elasticity of the skin provoques flaccidity, these treatment provide the skin with the lost elasticity recovering tone and firmness.

  • Moisturizing Body Treatment.
    These treatments are formulated on a base of emollients from mangos, coconut, chocolate and grapes extracts; which deeply moisturizes the skin.

  • Full Body Soft Peeling.
    Using salts an oils we make a soft peeling which eliminates the dead cells of entire body skin, helping to cellular regeneration, improving the vitality and prolonging the youth of the skin.

  • Back and neck Peeling.
    Uses the same principle than the whole body peeling, but only on back and neck.

  • Luxury Treatments.

  • Bride´s Veil
    It´s elaborated with oligoelements, oranges assets and emollients elements. This involvements offer a quick moisturizing of the skin returning the shine, health and bloom, which all bride deserves in the most important day of her life.

  • Special Treatments for varicouse veins.
    This treatment improves the flexibility of veins´ walls, fluidify the blood, increase the resistance of the capillaries, and eliminate the tiredness, relaxing and recovering the body tissues vitality.