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The hydrotherapy is one of the most ancient procedures of preventive treatment for any illness that the humanity has. The curative vehicle can’t be simpler: The water, the nature’s blood , as Leonardo Da Vinci wrote. A simple and effective therapy has been developed in the history of medicine practice. The nature has nourished us and healed us during thousand of years. On her there are our origins and our health. Thinking of that we includes the therapeutical properties of water and we put them in our clients services with hydrotherapies, which helps in the healing process of some illness


Hydro – Massage Tub.

The client will relax in temperatures between 35° and 38° C. with the deep soft massage given by jets of water on the body


The temascal is a pre-Hispanic hydrotherapy who was generalized among mezzo Americans cultures. The name origin is in nahuatl, means house of steam (temas=steam calli=house). This traditional bath consists in a little close structure in the dark. The ritual includes putting an herbal infusion on the hot stones to make steam. This steam is conducted or directed with a bouquet made of medicinal fresh herbs.
The ritual is conducted for a guide (bañador or temascalero) who applies several therapeutical practices such as massages, aromatherapy, songs, visualizations and exercises of meditation.

Swedish Showers

This therapy is carried out in cubicles with 7 high pressure shower heads which awaken a reaction of lasting thermal energy which combats internal fever and helps to active elimination of toxins.

Scottish Jet therapy.

This is recommended for all people, healthy or ill especially for anemia and cases of heavy fat retention, which are eliminated little by little through its action that can be compared to beating a rug to remove the accumulated dust.