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Nowadays massage is probably one of most popular health related activities. This is to be expected because it has been a health tool, improving and conserving health, for thousands of years.

Among the benefits of massage, the following stand out:

  • Relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Reduction of stress caused by pain.
  • Improvement of body posture.
  • Stimulation of the circulation.
  • Tissue maintenance.
  • Reduction of nervous tension.
  • It helps the body heal itself.

Aroma-therapy Massage.
It uses the techniques of Swedish massage: kneading, drawing, pounding, roll movements and friction, to bring about a total physical and mental relaxation. We use aroma¬therapy which multiplies the therapeutic action of the Massage, using aromatic essential oils according to the needs of each person.

Hot Stones Massage.
Energy is transmitted through the stones, by placing them on the seven energy centers called CHAKRAS, tension is dissolved with the heat, and negative energy is neutralized and eliminated from the stimulated area, generating positive energy. Promoting a general wellbeing and harmony.

Shiatsu Massage.
This oriental technique is based on the pressure of the fingers on the Chinese acupuncture points. This re-channels the energy to the necessary points.

Relaxing Aspara.
This massage includes a full body exfoliation and 45 min. Of swedish massage with lavander aromatherapy. This massage gives relax and inner balance, and on the same time moisturise and renovates deeply the skin.

It is based on the relationship between the body and the reflex zones of each organ in the feet. Stimulate the nervous ends in the feet to improve the health and body function.

Back and Neck Massage.
This massage focuses its attention only on client´s back and neck. We use the same techniques of aromatherapeutic massage.

Intestinal Activator Massage.
Movements specifically directed to intestinal movements activation, improving its function and helping to fight the constipation and colitis

Lymphatic Massage.
This massage is used in body desintoxication, anticelullite and molding treatments. This is a soft massage to drain the lymphatic tubs, improving the liquid distribution and toxins in the body.