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Alternative Therapies


The body and the psyche are reflected through a small surface under the transparent covering of the iris. We are literally seeing a small piece of connective tissue through this window. This connective tissue is representative of the connective tissue in the whole body; this is why the eye has been called THE WINDOW OF BODY AND SOUL

Floral Therapy

Bach Flower Remedies

The floral remedies of Dr. Bach help to recuperate and maintain mental and emotional balance, and so help to recuperate and maintain health.

Chakra Balance.

The contact points between universal energy and the energy of the individual are known as Chakras. This means the wheel or vortices, an invisible center of spiraling energy, and focal point for receiving and transmitting energy to all levels.


This therapy works in several ways to help people to stay healthy, it is refreshing and helps to reducing the inflammation of muscles, articulation, stomach and intestines; it is absorbent and influences the vibratory frequencies of the human body. Although it may seem incredible, powdered clay is used as an anti-biotic, to eliminate germs and contaminants in the water.
  • Facial Mask:

    It helps to deflate, acne problems, sun burn and any inflammatory process in face skin.
  • Envolvement:

    It has the same function than the facial mask, but this overall body.
  • Cataplasm:

    This one is directed to local inflammation or fever on located part of the body (example: colitis , any coetaneous infection that produces red skin)

Hinaisin. (Japanese acupuncture).

This technique is used for pain treatment using subcutaneous niddles we stimulates inflamed zones or very sensitive area.

Column Alignment.

Neurological hammer.

Based on the knowledge of osteopathy and chiropractics and muscular management, this therapy provides the tools to adjust the spinal column effectively without risks.

Oscillatory Therapy.

This therapy gives a complete body massage, align vertebral column, unblock the energy channels equilibrating the nervous system, and activate the blood circulatory system, improving the oxygenation

Neuromuscular therapy.

It involves the application of a concentrated pressure on a particular area of pain or injury. The massaged areas during neuromuscular therapy include muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue.


The kinesiotaping is a technique based in the power of natual self healing of the body. Neuromuscular Bandage (kinesiotaping) is from concept, different from conventional or funtional. Each dressing has its functions and applications so they will be used at different stages of physiotherapy.