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Ultrasound Machine.

Used for the most part for aesthetics and medicine of rehabilitation. In SPAcio “SER” we use the ultrasound to peel off the skin and penetrate cosmetic actives. For its high vibrations penetrate to the deepest skin.

Therapeutic Laser.

This therapy is useful in the cellular regeneration, increase the skin capacity to absorb nutrients and oxygen. And destroy free radicals on the skin.


Microdermoabrasión is a system to help cell renewal without attacks on the skin, facilitating the elimination of scars and reducing existing wrinkles and other skin imperfections.
Microdermabrasion with diamond tip is particularly suitable for the treatment of:
• Expression Lines (fine and medium wrinkles)
• Reduction of spots (Photo-aging)
• Open pores
• acne scars
• Stretch marks


Bipolar radiofrequency treatment is a noninvasive technique that serves to flatten the folds and wrinkles helping to deeply tone the tissues. Aids in the removal of cellulite by applying it to the skin of the body.

Electro Gym.

The system uses a platform which transmits vibrations to the body in specific and intermittent speeds. The mechanical stimulus produce a muscular response as an involuntary reflex making a muscular contraction. This system causes positive effects in tendons, bones, blood circulation, hormonal balance and in the nervous system. Stimulates the metabolism, eliminate the tiredness, relax the muscles and mold the body figure.

Vacuum Therapy.

The Vacuum system detoxes the body helping to relax the muscles. It´s useful in problems which involves air in the body tissue and cold in the bones.


Therapy based in the pressure of the Chinese acupuncture points. Helps to equilibrate the channels where the energy is conducted to feed the human body.